About me

I was lucky enough to meet my husband in high school; we started dating at the end of our senior year and got married right after Ryan graduated from Kennesaw State. I had a couple years left in school and ended up graduating from the University of North Georgia with a degree in Business Management. I have been working as a wedding director since 2015.  We welcomed our first little one in January of 2016, her name is Sadie Kate and our second (and final) little girl in September of 2018, Maggie Jane! They are my whole world, when I’m not planning weddings I am home with them. I absolutely love what I do… getting to help my clients wedding vision go from a dream to reality is the best thing in the world and I feel honored to be a part of it! 


Getting Started

Originally I started college with the intent to be an “event planner,” I had this grand idea that I would be so great at it since I had planned many different events in high school. My plans quickly fizzled out and eventually I switched my major about 4 more times before landing on business management. It wasn’t until my own wedding that I had the chance to dive back into planning a big event and I really loved the whole process of it! A year or so later my best friend got married and had asked me to be her matron of honor and help make sure the ceremony ran smoothly; while it was a lot to take on at one time with little to no experience I had the best time and their day was perfect! Shortly after that my Nana, who owns her own event design business, had booked a couple weddings for me to direct and the rest is history!

Jessica Boulter